Shelly Siskind has spent a lifetime dedicated to helping children and adults alike.

As one of the founders of Block Parents, Shelly worked with the Canadian Government and School Boards to create a nationwide safe home initiative for children all across Canada. Since its establishment in 1968, Block Parents remains the longest running child safety program in Canada.

She works diligently with the mental health organization Mental Health-Everybody's Business in London Ontario and has been a practitioner and teacher of Trager movement method for over 35 years.

She is also the co-author of Uncharted Corners of Consciousness, a guidebook for personal and spiritual growth.

Shelly is a lover of life and cares deeply about people, especially children, and it is her hope to inspire kids and parents to enjoy communicating with one another in fun and creative ways.

A note from Shelly:

As a Mother, I was always inspired by the innocence and wonder with which young children view their surroundings. I loved to see the world through the eyes of a child and started to write poetry that captured the magic of those moments and memories.

I was just beginning to understand the power of the medium of children’s poetry when my universe expanded yet again. I became a grandmother to Isaiah, Benjamin, Owen, Jonah, Maya, Ava, and Evan. My grandchildren provided the inspiration for this collection. Many of these poems were written for them and reflect our times together. They are my Magnificent 7, my muses; they stretch my heart and tickle my creativity. 

After writing hundreds of poems, I realized that I had many thematically linked collections such as color, bedtime, food, the alphabet, math, movement, feelings, pretending, creepy crawlies, animals and the environment. Whether it’s a tiger or a toucan or a pony or an inch worm, all of the characters are sparked by the everyday experiences of the very young. The poems are easily relatable for both children and parents alike.

And then.... along came ‘Magnificent Mimi’. 

I found myself starting to experience my poems as stories, happenings seen through the eyes of this self-assured, inquisitive, adventurous, curious, smart, and loving young girl. ‘Magnificent Mimi’, blossomed into a proud personification and loving combination of all the kids I hold so dear.

Join me as she leads us through this magical world of wonder and experiences, inspiring young girls and boys, encouraging them to ask their own questions and have great life adventures…… to become ‘Magnificent’ in their own way.

These works are dedicated to my playful husband Bob, my three loving children Cathy, Michael and Heather, my seven inspirational grandchildren. Kudos and thanks to Joe Brooks, Artistic Director and Nancy Weisler, Project Manager - without whom Mimi would have remained a one dimensional character, living within the notes of my journal. 

These works are written with affection and adoration to all children - 

and those who love them absolutely.